Sinead Fahey


Sinead Fahey studied Fine Print at N.C.A.D. She graduated in 2009. In 2010 Meath County Council Arts Office said, “Hey!, you're from Meath and we think you're good!. Here, have this award for being a good young artist and also have a solo show in Solistice Arts Centre in Navan, It's lovely there!”. Sinead agreed and everyone involved had a lovely time. The show that was called “Going Solo” (“no pressure!”, thought Sinead) and was deemed a success.
Sinead draws pictures and then paints them with the same watercolour pallet she has used since 2003, this means she is an environmentally-friendly artist which everyone likes. The pictures she draws are jokes and such, and Sinead hopes you get them, because really they are not very clever or difficult, so if you don't get them, well, perhaps that is a reflection on you, the viewer. She is from Ireland but decided in August 2012 to see what the big deal was with the rest of the world was, and now finds herself in Sydney, Australia of all places! Sinead would also like to state that she would never ever dream of speaking about herself in the third person.